General Pricing

Interior Design

We offer various interior decorating assistance from simple consulting to complete remodels.  Pricing for this service will vary depending on the extent of assistance you require and may be set on and hourly rate or by the project.  Please contact us to discuss your project and get a quote.

Standard Painting

Yes! We do standard painting too.  We are very clean and precise specializing mostly in repaints or remodel painting. Please contact us for a quote on your painting project.

Color Consultation

Choosing the right colors for your walls, can be a challenging and intimidating process.  We will  be happy to sit down with you and help put you at ease.    Here are the things that we take into consideration:  lighting in the room, furniture and accessories, adjoining room color, color balance & flow, style, taste, and budget.   You do not need to hire us to do the painting- keep your painter.  But it will be worth it having someone come in (a second set of eyes) to lead you in a direction and tie the room together.  The charge is $35 per room.

Faux Finish Consultation

Artist & Decorative Painter, Tracy Hall, will meet with you to discuss the many options for faux finishes, paint color, and design.  The fee is $35 per room.   During this meeting, if we have not already, we will inform you of the cost estimate of the job you are requesting.   A consultation can take between 1 – 2 hours depending on how many rooms.

Mural Consultation

Artist & Decorative Painter, Tracy Hall will gather all the information in order to work on the preliminary design and research for the desired mural.  On average it takes 2-3 hours in order to plan and design a hand painted mural.  The consultation / design  fee will be $50.  This will include any internet research, rough drawings (if necessary), and the on-site meeting.  During this meeting, if we have not already, we will inform you of the cost estimate of the mural you are requesting.    There will be an extra charge if detailed drawings or paintings on canvas are desired.


sampleboard1If you are choosing to do a faux or plaster finish, doing a sample is a must.  When choosing color, it is difficult to know for sure, how it will actually turn out on the surface of whatever you are painting.  A Faux Finish is NOT a straight paint color.  We use various colors and glazes in order to achieve the desired finish.  Each sample provided is approximately 16″ x 16″.  The cost per sample is $25, plus the cost of the paint.  Usually, the paint can come up to $12 per quart, unless the colors are available in smaller sample containers.   The sample & sample formula will be kept by She Paints Interior Designs, once the job is complete.  These will not be given out to anyone under any circumstances.


Our price is based on many factors.  The basic break down is hours, materials, and travel expenses.  We also figure in a small percentage of our monthly business expenses.  We will quote you an estimated price during the consultation.  This price is not “set in stone”.  It is subject to change.  Keep in mind that a Faux Finish can be almost triple or even quadruple the price of a straight painting job, because so much more goes into it.

Mural Pricing

We base our pricing on many factors, some include: location, cost of materials, intricacy of design, and working conditions.

Reserving a Date

If you choose to hire us on the day of the initial consultation, we will reduce the final price by $50 – $100, depending on the size of the job.  In order to get into the calendar, you will need to provide a 50% deposit.