Weather you just need a color change in one room or the entire house needs a makeover, Tracy can handle it.  Many jobs she will handle herself but she does have paint crews trained by her that she will bring in if the project requires it.

With a focus on quality, Tracy preffers using a roller over a sprayer as it usually offers better coverage.  She practices a two coat standard and recommends Benjamin Moore paint for the best quality but can use any paint you preffer upon request.  She will caulk over each tape line to ensure a perfect straight edge… this is a bit more time consuming but well worth the extra effort leaving the most professionally finished look especially for accent walls and on rounded corners.bejaneparty

She can do minor patches and re-texturing as well as wallpaper removal or installation when needed for an additional charge.  As a standard when you hire her to paint for you she will caulk in minor cracks and nail holes.

When hired we require that all nails are pulled from the wall with the exception of the ones you wish to keep to rehang your art, we will pull, paint and replace the ones you wish to keep.  We also require that all window treatments are removed and there is adequate space (approx. 3-4 feet from the wall) for ladder clearance.

We have painted countless homes and businesses both interior and exterior including staining and refinishing windows doors and decks.  What ever your painting needs may be we can do it!

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